Monday, March 6, 2017

Lingering with Diamonds by Graham Rippon

Lingering With DiamondsLingering With Diamonds by Graham Rippon
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Graham Rippon, the author of Lingering With Diamonds has a varied professional background that includes working for HSBC, an invitation to teach creative writing to adults, and editor/owner of Carillon Magazine. Lingering with Diamonds is a funny, connected series of stories set in two parts, set one being the adventures of Alfred and Squidge, diamond thieves who never catch a break. They inhabit two worlds, the outside world where they bungle diamond burglaries, and the inside world of jail, where they dream and conjure up the next big heist. One of the funniest scenes in the book is in the kitchen with the chicken where both Squidge and Alfred got jobs after their incarceration. Great writing; the reader can picture the scene so well. Set two of the stories takes place in Lingering-in-the Marsh, the quintessential sleepy village. Here, Constable Bobby Nickem works to combat crime, while dreaming of Mattie Horne and wondering how to woo her. Unfortunately for the constable, there is not a lot of crime in Lingering-in-the Marsh. The play on words in both of these sets of stories is so funny, in particular, the Nokdoff's. I can easily see this set of stories being made into a charming and entertaining series for British television; they are that funny.

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