Sunday, March 19, 2017

Confessions of a Neighbor by Heather Nadine Lenz

Confessions of a NeighborConfessions of a Neighbor by Heather Nadine Lenz
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Confessions of a Neighbor by Heather Nadine Lenz follows the young life of Ella. Ella is quite young, only sixteen, and has recently lost both her mother and grandmother. She lives alone in a studio apartment, and is struggling at life, trying to become a real ballerina and support herself with a waitressing job. Compulsively lonely and alone, Ella begins to watch her neighbors across the way through their window and witnesses what she thinks is spousal abuse, this time the man being abused by his wife. Once down this voyeuristic path, it is hard for her to stop. With plenty of twists and turns to the story; Ella actually meets the man who is being abused; and lots of tension throughout, this is a compelling and gripping story about stalking that takes on a life of it's own. Lenz does an excellent job of creating tension in the story, and fleshes out the character of Ella quite well. An interesting read that gives the reader a peek into life in Switzerland, which is a great addition to a thoughtful and creative story.

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