Monday, March 20, 2017

Treasure: A Trilogy by Vanessa Leigh Hoffman

Treasure: A TrilogyTreasure: A Trilogy by Vanessa Leigh Hoffman
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Treasure: A Trilogy by Vanessa Leigh Hoffman is the tale of three men, each with their own agenda and their own secrets. Treasure consists of three separate yet related stories: Rear View Mirror, Silk Road to Atlantis, and Subterfuge. Hoffman has opened up the book with a prologue that seems to set the tone for the book with a woman crying and screaming at the universe in it's unfairness. The book then opens with Camille, sitting at a bar in Florida who meets Kenneth, a well to do sixty odd years old retiree with scads of money and a ranch in the rural part of Florida. They continue to meet daily for weeks and develop quite a relationship. But things are rarely as they seem, and Kenneth may indeed have some secrets. Camille may have secrets of her own. Hoffman manages to explore the paths that different lives take, whether by chance or due to specific decisions that have far reaching effects. She has cultivated a theme that is interwoven between the stories, tying them effectively together while exploring misfortune, opportunity, and how people become involved with evil entities. Highly recommend for an interesting look at the foibles of mankind.

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