Monday, March 6, 2017

London Road Linked Stories Vol. 1 by Tessa Smith McGovern

London Road: Linked Stories, Vol. 1London Road: Linked Stories, Vol. 1 by Tessa Smith McGovern
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London Road: Linked Stories, Vol. 1 by Tessa Smith McGovern was a welcome surprise; a cleverly written collection of stories that are inter-connected. First off, Janice Bailey has been released from prison, but doesn't know if that is truly what she wants. She heads off to a boarding house in London, recommended as it were by a former friend in prison. From there, the emotional tableau begins, with stories that not only pull at the heartstrings but that intricately describe human frailty. The reader comes to know all of the inhabitants of the boarding house with their respective histories, nuances and dilemmas. Somehow all of these personalities tie together the story in small ways, taking the reader on a uniquely satisfying journey. McGovern has a way with language and dialogue that is fully convincing and absorbing, you want to know more about every individual in this collection. Another collection of stories with these same characters would be a welcome follow up. Highly recommend for an interesting, quirky, and satisfying fictionalized account of boarding house living in a not so nice part of London.

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