Friday, March 3, 2017

Silver Soul by Chiara Kelly

Silver SoulSilver Soul by Chiara Kelly
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

With a captivating and emotional story line, Chiara Kelly has written an engaging family drama in Silver Soul, a story that largely takes place on Martha's Vineyard. With the unexpected death of her husband during a military mission, Della and her children return home to her mother's home in Martha's Vineyard, joining her sister Diana and Diana's daughter. The story is effectively told through three points of view, Della, Diana, and Diana's teenage daughter. This technique gives the reader great and convincing exposure to the inner workings of the characters' and their respective points of view. This is definitely one of the strong points about the book. While overall a story about loss and the pursuant recovery from loss, this book has a little bit of everything to engage most readers into the plot line. There is a little romance, a few secrets, and teenage angst to provide depth and humanity to the story. While the quaint New England town on the east coast may seem over-played sometimes in many novels, this story had enough meat on it's bones to avoid being overly sentimental.

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