Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The Psalmist by Jason Akley

The PsalmistThe Psalmist by Jason Akley
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The Psalmist by Jason Akley is a sprawling and expansive book. It is both epic in length and epic in tone. Here, Jason Akely chronicles the life of David Threnody, a 20th century blues musician. Raised during the Great Depression, Threnody wanted only to play the guitar. Parallel to the story of David Threnody, runs the story of King David from Biblical times. The two stories are so fused together, the writing so rambling, it's difficult sometimes to dissect one life from the other. Threnody treats music as an addiction he can't get past. In the midst of the story are powerful passages from the Bible, and reflections of God. Akley's writing is invasive, full and haunting, allowing the reader to fully experience the characters. Not just a chronicle of an interesting and well-lived life, The Psalmist also manages to capture the racial tension so prevalent during Threnody's time. Because of this, there is much to learn about racial history and tensions in the country. Akley follows the format of the Psalms to his advantage with the riveting, deeply moving book while fully taking advantage of his writing muse.

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