Monday, March 20, 2017

Catadoupe by Jason Akley

CatadoupeCatadoupe by Jason Akley
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Catadoupe by Jason Akley is a collection of nine stories rather loosely linked together. The word Catadoupe means waterfall in French, and that certainly describes the tone and tenor of this collection. There are various plot dimensions in the work of rambling words and verbiage, but it all works together. The stories include a medical lab tech, a married couple, a dad with two daughters, a lot of marijuana, a gangster, and several cats. Even bitcoin is mentioned. These elements combine to create a vast array of visually written and diverse reading experiences. The reader must be alert and attuned to get the most from this book. Akley largely avoids the use of punctuation throughout his books, making them quite a challenge to read, and can leave some of the writing less impactful than it might be if it were more traditionally presented. Still the book has moments of deep rumination on the characters' parts and will leave the reader with more questions than answers which is sometimes a good thing.

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