Thursday, March 31, 2016

Wreck and Order by Hannah Tennant Moore : A Review

Honestly, I didn't care for this book. An overly self-involved young woman with a seemingly endless stream of money, courtesy of her father, travels around the world in search of herself. Okay for an overdone premise. Boring to say the least. I had low to middlin' hopes for this book. I couldn't relate to the main character Elsie, at all. She come across as completely pretentious and spoiled, and fails to see the real world around her, even though that is what she is seeking. Filled with gratuitous sexual escapades that border on abuse, it was hard to follow this character and not feel bad for her, but she continued to make bad choices. Elsie is a self-destructive character that is always looking for something more exciting, better, who the heck knows what she is looking for. The overdone sexual talk was repetitive and done to excess, not interesting really and quite distracting. I could not wait to finish this book and put it out of its misery. What a complete waste of reading time. Blogging for Books graciously provided me a copy of this book for an honest review.

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