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Soap Recipes-Easy Steps for Homemade Soap

Soap-making using the cold processed method is the most basic method of making homemade soap from scratch. Cold process refers to the fact that there is no cooking of ingredients involved, merely the melting of oils. Palm and coconut oil are traditionally used in the cold process to create luscious, gentle, superb lathering soaps that are a pleasure to bathe with.

Beginner 4.5 Pound Soap Recipe

This recipe will make just under 4.5 pounds of soap.

16oz Canola Oil
16 oz. Coconut Oil
16 oz. Palm Oil
6.9 oz. Lye (5% superfatted)
15.8 oz. Water

You may also add fragrance oils of your choosing and coloring.
Beginner 6.5 Pound Soap Recipe

This cold process recipe make just over 6.5 pounds of soap.

5 oz. Canola Oil
5 oz. Castor Oil
32 oz. Coconut Oil
32 oz. Palm Oil
11 oz. Lye (5% superfatted)
24.4 oz. Water

It is optional to add fragrance to your soap mixture as well as coloring.
General Instructions for Making Cold Process Soap

To begin the soap-making process you will need a special work area that is well ventilated. Make sure you have safety goggles, gloves, and that you are wearing long sleeves.

First Step: You will need to put on safety goggles, gloves and long sleeves.

Second Step: Add the lye to the water. Stir very well, making sure you don't breathe in the fumes. Put the mixture to the side and let cool until each reaches a temperature of 110 degrees Fahrenheit. If your work area is not well ventilated, it is recommended to put the lye mixture outside to cool.

Third Step: Mix the oils together, and melt. Cool the oil mixture to about 110 degrees Fahrenheit, or to within five degrees of the lye mixture.

Fourth Step: Add the lye mixture to the oils you have melted. Stir together until the mixture looks like a thin pudding. This is called the trace stage. You may want to use a stick mixer to speed up the process. It may take up to an hour to reach the trace stage if you are stirring by hand.

Fifth Step: Pour the soap mixture into soap molds. You may pop out the soap after about three to five days. After popping out the soap, it will have to sit for an additional four to six weeks to cure completely, and complete the saponification process. After the soap is completely cured, you may cut into bars, and begin using.

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