Monday, July 17, 2017

Smoke and Tranquillity by Robert Swann

Smoke and TranquillitySmoke and Tranquillity by Robert Swann
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Smoke and Tranquillity by Robert Swann is a novel written with a fast yet nuanced pace. We follow the story of a Simon Hunter, a wealthy man who has tried to use his money for good in the world. He tries to help people who cannot help themselves. Always looking to atone for the sins of his past, Hunter is a complex character, and aptly and thoroughly described. This story tells the tale of his most challenging task to date, to free oppressed people living under a violent dictator in west Africa. From changing his appearance to honing in on aspects of the local language, this is a complex mission for Simon. In addition, the terrorist aspect of the story makes the novel quite timely and relevant. This book is full of intrigue, espionage, American and British intelligence, blackmail and betrayal. Thoroughly entertaining with a gripping writing style and compulsive readability, Smoke and Tranquillity is highly recommended for a thrilling read.

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