Monday, July 17, 2017

The Beacons I See by Ty Unglebower

The Beacons I SeeThe Beacons I See by Ty Unglebower
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The Beacons I See by Ty Unglebower is such a revelation of a book. Vanessa is a young woman with a gift. She has a gift that allows her to see colorful auras around objects where promises have been made. This ability makes her a "promise seer"; a highly unusual trait and of whom there are only a few. Along with this gift, Vanessa is on the autism spectrum, though she is high functioning. When she takes a much needed vacation to her Grandmother's cabin to get away from the stressors of the world, she sees a colorful aura in the woods on the way. Bright purple, it is such that she has never seen before. This is an absolutely fascinating story, one which delves into a subject that few are familiar with. The author writes with clarity and respect, making no assumptions about Vanessa. She is such an interesting woman, it is a joy to read about her various gifts that make her special and completely unique. A strong recommendation for this book with an uncommon heroine.

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