Thursday, June 15, 2017

Liar by K.L. Slater

Liar by K.L. Slater reveals Slater as a consistently gifted writer who can write about the ordinary and turn it into the macabre. With Liar she inserts even more drama and strife into an already fraught relationship; that between a mother in law and her daughter in law. With alternating chapters that highlight and expose each of the protagonist's failings and shocking personality quirks, Slater renders a troubling and fascinating character portrayal of Amber, the love interest of Ben. She furthers this rendering by juxtaposing it against Ben's mum, Judi, who is a fascinating character herself. These people are deeply troubled on many levels, making them difficult to relate to, difficult to like. As this relationship plays out, truly horrific actions and histories come to light. As the reader, you don't know who to root for, and that's okay. Slater skillfully adds twists and turns to the narrative, keeping you guessing. A fine addition to the wonderful Slater library, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and look forward again to the next intriguing novel from K.L. Slater. I kindly thank for an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review, and thank the publisher as well.

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