Monday, May 22, 2017

Obadiah: A Ghost's Story by Robert Spearman

Obadiah: A Ghost's StoryObadiah: A Ghost's Story by Robert Spearman
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Written in an endearing and heartwarming way, Obadiah: A Ghost's Story by Robert Spearman is highly entertaining and a quick story to delve into. The story is actually told by the ghost of Obadiah, after Obadiah's death. Obadiah works as a carpenter, has a buxom lady friend and all is well with his life. When he dies, his ghost lives on however. His ghost continues to influence and impact those people who were in his life. That in itself makes the story quirky, but there is plenty to admire about Spearman's writing and language. The beautiful Southern dialect and local colloquialisms come through in such a colorful manner, it is hard not to enjoy reading this story. A fun part of the story is a perplexing bucket that seems to follow Obadiah everywhere, even in death. With interesting characters, a glimpse into the afterlife, and a well rounded story, Spearman writes with ease and a light touch. Wholly amusing and different, this book is highly recommended.

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