Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Junction by Cody Schlegel

JunctionJunction by Cody Schlegel
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Junction by Cody Schlegel is a gritty, dirty depiction of life in small town America, namely the town of Junction, Iowa. A well composed novel, with a little bit for every reader; drugs and drug dealers, unethical police, murder, and the usual ennui that smothers so many in a dead-end town. When Joey, the head drug dealer in town, is found dead, naked and frozen, most attribute it to a bad acid trip. But it could be something else altogether, with a slew of people as possible suspects. Schlegel does a great job of building characterization, the writing feels authentic to the setting, if maybe offensive to some. There is much hanging out at the local watering hole, and doing drugs, while balancing the seeming responsibilities the individual characters may have. Family is important in this story. On some level, it seems the bad guys are deep down good people, but it's hard to tell. Highly recommend for readers who like dark and gritty mysteries.

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