Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Fire Thief Reborn - The Edge of the Known- book 4- Seth Mullins

Fire Thief Reborn (The Edge of the Known - Book 4)Fire Thief Reborn by Seth Mullins
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For Seth Mullins the journey is everything. In his book Fire Thief Reborn (The Edge of the Known- Book 4) he chronicles the continuing life experience of Brandon Chane, founding member of The Edge of the Known band. Seven years have elapsed since The Edge of the Known burst onto the music scene, and with success, came self-analysis and introspection. Brandon Chane must now confront his inner demons that never quite seem to disappear; they present themselves and stir up his psyche. While Brandon may think his visionary music has died within his core, he may be able to re-awaken his muse and perform again. His mentor and spiritual guide Saul reveals stirring details from his own past, and that might be what is needed to ignite the stagnant flame of Brandon's music. We create our own dream, our own reality, according to Saul. With a passionate voice, Mullins manages to convey the discord and angst that often fills the heart of a creative spirit. Compelling, emotional writing makes this follow up book in the series a solid performer.

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