Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Judas Son of Simon by Daniel Molyneux

Judas Son of SimonJudas Son of Simon by Daniel Molyneux
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Judas Son of Simon by Daniel Molyneux is Molyneux's third book, his first being The Angel of Antioch, and his second, a companion book, Elias' Proverbs. With a master's degree from Austin Seminary; a doctorate from Fuller Seminary and studies at Condordia Seminary, Molyneux is certainly well versed in the history of the Bible. Judas, Son of Simon explores the life of Judas. Judas is born to Simon Bar-Levi and his wife, and from there grows to be a phenomenal son beyond measure. However the tide will soon change, and Judas becomes a more controversial figure, without whom, Jesus would not have been arrested and captured. This book is successfully written with clear details about the time period as well as the unceasing influence of Rome. Ultimately, this is a story told by the betrayer of Jesus, and with his voice the reader gains further understanding and clarity about Judas' struggle with God.

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