Friday, October 28, 2016

Freedom is for the Birds JM Sutherland

Freedom is for the BirdsFreedom is for the Birds by J.M. Sutherland
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Freedom is for the Birds by JM Sutherland is about a group of hawks with anthropomorphic qualities, i.e. they speak like humans and have human emotions. This book is a bird infused fantasy and follows a pair of hawks, K'Lar and D'Ree on their migration to find and repair their old nest. As the book progresses, we begin to understand the society and culture of hawks, their respect for Mother Nature, themselves, and others. There are a lot of comparisons between humans and hawks, and the hawks seem to rise above as superior beings. Humans tend to destroy the land, and take for granted the big beautiful world. This book really captures the hardships and trials that animals experience living in the natural world. A compelling read for those interested in conservation, preservation and the lives of Red-Tailed Hawks.

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