Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Call Me Pomeroy by James Hanna

In the opening of the story, Edward Beasley, aka Pomeroy, is introduced to the reader as a full-time vagrant, Vietnam vet, and statutory rapist. If that doesn't grab the reader's attention, nothing will. This novel is described as one full of satire and political dissent. That may be so, but you have to look through the layers of Pomeroy's dealings and his personality to uncover the essence of the story. Pomeroy, the vague anti-hero wanders the streets, gets involved in protests for no apparent reason, and tips waitresses extravagantly even though he is poor. A biting novel by James Hanna, Call Me Pomeroy takes the reader on a seemingly wild ride with the main character, and subtly questions so-called traditions of today's society. It seems as though the book and Pomeroy himself is trying to resurrect the 1960's. This book is not for the faint of heart, due to protracted use of foul language and explicit descriptions of sexual acts.

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