Monday, July 25, 2016

Fractured by Catherine McKenzie

A neighborhood mystery only begins to describe Fractured by Catherine McKenzie. With a compelling cast of characters, and plenty of secrets, McKenzie creates an eerie vibe in a suburb of Cincinnati. Julie the main character is escaping her past by moving to Ohio with her husband Daniel, and their two young children who happen to be twins. Julie recently made it big with The Book, what she calls her successful novel. This has given her tons of money, albeit not much peace of mind. Someone from her past has relentlessly been harassing her, and still could be, even after Julie's move to a new place. A controlling neighborhood watch neighbor and a passing unfaithful moment for Julie with her neighbor John, both add to the feeling that something is off. John's wife Hanna becomes suspicious and genuinely seems to dislike Julie, Hanna knows something is awry. Julie is super paranoid and installs cameras around her house to record all activity that may threaten her. With all of this going on, McKenzie creates a good level of tension throughout the book. The only caveat I have is that Julie's husband Daniel, could have been more finely drawn, he seemed too good, if that's possible. There was absolutely no negatives between he and Julie, and I found that somewhat unrealistic. Otherwise a solid book and an easy read. graciously provided me a copy of this book for an honest review.

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