Monday, May 1, 2017

The Dazzling Darkness by Paula Cappa

The Dazzling DarknessThe Dazzling Darkness by Paula Cappa
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Paula Cappa quickly pulls in the unsuspecting reader in her novel, The Dazzling Darkness; a genre bending story. Taking place in Concord, Mass., and with vivid descriptions, a missing young boy, and the supernatural element, there is a lot of tension and action to enjoy in this story. When Henry goes missing on his walk home down the cow path from school, his family is understandably frantic. Elias Hatch, the Old Willow cemetery caretaker is the most obvious suspect, what with his mysterious, odd nature. Cappa includes overtones of religion, faith and even transcendentalism for a heady mix in this tale that will have your head spinning. All of the characters are well fleshed out by Cappa, especially appealing is Balducci, the lead detective. A riveting, unique story that revolves around every parent's worst nightmare, this is a highly recommended novel that will appeal to readers across the board.

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