Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Zaven's Destiny by Bedros Margosian

Zaven's DestinyZaven's Destiny by Bedros Margosian
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Zaven's Destiny by Bedros Margosian describes a part of history that was unknown to me. With a deft hand and realistic style, Margosian paints a picture of tenacity and endurance through dark hours in Armenian history. Truly a story about the Armenian genocide and the war against the Turks in the early 1900's, the story depicts Zaven as the consummate survivor. Not only is there a good deal of significant history, but the novel shows the personal growth of Zaven from boy into man. This novel is based on a true story as described by the author in the forward; the forward setting the stage for the book as well as the personal motivation of the author. A compelling and sometimes emotional story, with an attention to detail that is hard to find in writing today. A carefully rendered story that will pull on the readers' heartstrings with a vast array of interesting and often strong characters. The reader will want to follow the story of Zaven and his family to the satisfying conclusion. Highly recommend for an interesting and enlightening read about the Armenian genocide.

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