Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Shadow Mountain Book One: Shadow Mountain Saga by Tess Collins

It's so nice to read an authentic book that truly depicts the South and the people in it. Tess Collins has that true southern voice in her book, Shadow Mountain( Book One: Shadow Mountain Saga). From the beginning pages, the folk are described accurately, right down to the dialects and speech inflection. A coal miner's daughter herself, Collins has a wonderful way of creating strong female characters that feel so real. Not to be outdone by the girls, Lafette, a young boy who is afraid of nothing, not the Wampus, not even witches, is an accurate and charming character. Collins' heritage shows in her reverence for the natural beauty of the area and the hardiness of the souls that inhabit the mountains. With a little mysticism, and a lot of common sense, Collins has written a captivating story that is at once grounded and riveting.

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