Friday, February 17, 2017

Perils of Information Age Pranav Prabhash

Perils of Information AgePerils of Information Age by Pranav Prabhash
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Perils of Information Age by Pranav Prabhash is an exhaustive look at the effects of so much information, so much news, all the time. Prabhash comments on various subcategories regarding learning in a technology driven world, the different ways of learning and which subjects are heavily promoted, as opposed to subjects that are less promoted within the classic school systems, not only in the United States but around the world. His contention is that math should be universally taught, regardless of academic prowess or ability. There is also discussion about the ability of manufacturers and marketing departments to disseminate the information they want you to have whether it is faulty or not. In other words, data of all kinds can be manipulated to say what you need it to say. After all, data is just numbers and statistics, and can be tweaked to favor any particular opinion one may have. A rather complex read, but full of information that takes an in depth look at learning, technology and the fast flow of information in today's society.

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