Friday, January 6, 2017

The Power of Seventy by Gerard Colenbrander

The Power Of SeventyThe Power Of Seventy by Gerard Colenbrander
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The Power of Seventy by Gerard Colenbrander is a story that follows the reunion of three old friends, each with their own interesting histories and various life stories. Going back 50 years together, Rusty, Jaco, and Ralph have a lot of ground to cover when they do get together. When it is discovered that one of them several years before discovered a rather tidy amount of precious stones and metal from war torn Central Africa, the hunt is back on to re-claim the treasure. The trip of a lifetime begins for the three buddies, who embark on an almost impossible mission. With a lot of levity, some amphibious gyro copters and a little luck, this easy, spirited blend of fact and fiction makes for a light, entertaining diversion. Set in the Belgian Congo, this story will grab the attention of thrill seeking readers.

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