Monday, October 17, 2016

Not Cool: by Greg Gutfeld

Even if you're not a fan of Greg Gutfeld, you should read this book. Well, maybe not. His appeal is lost on those who are not fans, and why waste talent. I sometimes watch the Five, and have seen Gutfeld rant, rave and generally behave like an entitled ass. But alas, he is right on a lot of issues, and is quite entertaining to watch, and is certainly a notch above his peers on the Five. That's why I bought this book, albeit a little late to the party. This book is entertaining, and reads just how Gutfeld speaks, which is sometimes offensive(it's meant to be), and always politically incorrect. That's why I liked it. It is laugh out loud funny, outrageous and just what the doctor ordered for this world weary Mom, yes a capital M, who is sick of everyone being deeply offended over nonsense. Highly recommend this book, looking forward to catching up on reading Greg's other books too!

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