Sunday, October 16, 2016

A Second Less Capable Head: And Other Rogue Stories by James Hanna

James Hanna has written an interesting collection of stories with his A Second, Less Capable, Head: And Other Rogue Stories. A good combination of Twilight and Stephen King, each story stands on it's own with great characterization and unique situations. The first of the nineteen stories begins with Virgil Ploughright growing a second head! With that as the start of this collection, you as the reader are in for a wild ride. Each story stands well on it's own, with fairly well thought out plots. The stories seem to attempt to deal with current issues in society, but may not be entirely effective in that endeavor. At times humorous and sometimes thoughtful, this collection of bizarre stories will keep the reader entertained. Highly recommend for those readers who enjoy a challenge and are not offended by coarse language.

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