Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Rosie Project- A brief review

What a novel novel this is. Loved this book on so many levels. If you are a big fan of the TV show Big Bang Theory and think that Sheldon is one of the funniest characters ever, this book is perfect for you. The main character Don Tillman, has some characteristics of Asperger’s Syndrome, though that is never explicitly stated in the book. He is so regimented, so scheduled, that he has left little to no time for a romantic life, hence the Wife Project. What starts out as a book about Don Tillman looking for a wife, aka, the wife project,turns into the Rosie Project. Rosie being a barmaid looking for her real father. This project consumes Don, and ultimately, he falls quite in love with Rosie. There are so many funny situations in this book that made me laugh out loud, the sex positions book part is insane, that I can highly recommend reading this for a break from reading heavier material. The author has followed up with the sequel, The Rosie Effect. It is rumored that The Rosie Project will be made into a movie; who should play the lead roles?

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