Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Decorate Ball Canning Jars

The original Ball canning jar has become something of a legend in American folklore. Used originally for canning purposes, canning jars today holds all sorts of items--from sewing supplies to cookie mixes. Decorate canning jars to set them apart from each other. Decoupage, painting and covering with cloth are just some of the options used to decorate Ball canning jars today. Jars decorated in various ways make great gifts for a special person in your life, or even yourself.

Step 1

Clear out the jars and make sure they are clean and dry.

Step 2

Create decoupage on the canning jar. Tear up decorative papers, such as gift wrap, tissue paper or magazine paper, into small pieces of between 2 to 5 inches. Apply a layer of white glue with a small paintbrush to the exterior part of a canning jar. Lay the papers one at a time onto the glued jar, smoothing down as you go. Overlap areas and continue to smooth to prevent bubbles. Cover the entire jar, except for where the lid fits on. Apply another layer of white glue over the paper pieces on the jar. Let dry completely. Apply one coat of clear sealer to protect the decoupage.

Step 3

Paint decorative designs on the canning jars with decorative glass paints. These may be applied with a very small paintbrush, or alternatively, they may be applied by using a squeeze tube of glass paint. This type of paint will provide a three-dimensional effect. Make a checkerboard pattern, paint daisies or ivy. Paint hearts in different colors for a romantic gift.

Step 4

Cut out a fabric round. Place the jar lid on some fabric and cut out a round shape. Add 2 inches all around. Glue this fabric round on top of the canning jar lid and secure with twine, yarn or ribbon. Make fabric labels to identify the contents of the jar. Make rectangle shaped labels and write on them with fabric paint. Glue to the side of the jar. This is great for cookie and soup mixes.

Step 5

Glue buttons on top of the jar lid. Use the jar as a sewing kit. Create a pin cushion on top of the jar by adding some quilt batting to the lid and gluing fabric over it. Trim with ribbon and place on top of the jar.

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