Thursday, May 19, 2011

Arnold and the Mistress

With all the news reporting on Arnold and his mistress, I thought it appropriate to comment ever so slightly. Seriously, have you seen a picture of this woman? Insert vomiting emoticon here, gee if only I knew how to make one. Talk about a step down. They always affair down, regardless of what anyone says. Bleh.

Anyway, what is with this whole scenario? Arnold who happened to have a lovely wife in Maria Shriver, decides to impregnate his live in help and keep it a secret for many years? What an upstanding guy. Or maybe the mistress got pregnant on purpose, you know to blackmail poor Arnie. Sheesh. Ya think? I don't know who is more pathetic, Arnold or the poor pig of a woman who let herself get used and at the same time get pregnant. Don't you realize honey, that you were just a poor subsitute for the real deal, the wife?

Hopefully the mistresses' fifteen minutes won't last too much longer, and Arnold will finally learn to keep his package in his pants.

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