Thursday, September 23, 2010

Operation Beautiful

I came across this and thought I should share. For those of you who have suffered from low self esteem or even no self esteem, Operation Beautiful comes to the rescue. This is an empowering movement started by a young lady named Caitlin. Basically, she and many others across the country leave little post it notes in hidden places, mirrors, windows, etc. with esteem boosting messages such as "You are beautiful just the way you are", "The world is better with you in it", and others. This is a grass roots effort that I firmly believe in. Caitlin's book is available at Amazon. com, Barnes and Noble, and Borders. Support this effort today to build up women; we all need to band together and become a force of power and grace. If you happen to like this idea, leave a couple of post it notes around, and see what happens to your day. You are beautiful!!!

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